Berenice Recordings –
Home Of Thirty-Two Pulled Out Teeth

Berenice Recordings was founded by Simone, Dominic and Ismail in the fall of 2013 in Zürich to, very much in the spirit of Egaeus from the short story "Berenice" by E.A. Poe, bring beautiful things that rob us of our senses out of the darkness and into the light. If necessary, by force and some instruments of dental surgery.

Olympia –
Track And Field EP

pulled-out on 03/02/14

Bit-Tuner –
The Japan Syndrom

pulled-out on 19/03/14

Natura Morte -
Destinul Divin

pulled-out on 02/04/2014

pulled-out on 05/02/14

Jonathan Johnson -
Golden Tooth (18k)

pulled-out on 19/06/14

Terminal Beach -
New Horizons

pulled-out on 28/07/14

Kontakt! -
Ein spiritistisches Kartenspiel

pulled-out on 06/12/16

"Yoga Punks fuck Off"! -
Shirt s/m/l/xl

pulled-out on 25/05/18